Aug. 8, 2016

This 1933 Plymouth Sedan was owned by the late Marty Robbins and given to me by his son and my good friend Ronny Robbins. Another friend Bubba Miller of B. Miller recycling and former NFL player for the Eagles furnished the parts. Yet another long time friend Russ Harrington hired a writer to do the story and shot the car to help me out. Russ Harrington has over 700 album and CD Covers to his credit along with several Who's Who and model shoots as well. Model Kendra Rossi helped by modeling the shoot and long time friend Keith Wunder of Wunder Films did the video on the photo shoot and daughter Corrie Wunder edited it. All of this led to a great friendship with Steve Thamert, owner of Rat Rod Magazine, which led to my writing job with his magazine. The article is featured every issue and is called "Tommy's Toolbox". The moral of the story is the same as the old song....."You Gotta Have Friends!"

Nov. 2, 2015

With Tommy, Keri, Ethan (Bubby) and Katherine (Tito)

Nov. 2, 2015

Story by Bob Hartline