Tommy Lee Ring was born to native Arkansans, Rev. William Elvin Ring and wife Nellie Maryann Ring. The elder Ring, a WWII war hero, played jazz guitar and had a swing band after the war. Nellie Ring played piano and the two talented parents passed the music gift down to their children. Tommy began playing piano at an early age and played in talent contests beginning in elementary school. Song writing began shortly thereafter and with the music addiction set in stone Tommy played in church and for various gospel groups. By eighth grade, Tommy and four friends formed a rock band. He played with his band and filled in playing keys for other bands. One of these bands did the Holiday Inn and Ramada Inn circuit. It didn't take long for Tommy to realize there had to be more.

That summer, Tommy went away to Stamps School of Music in Texas and studied piano under Tony Brown. Tony is a record producer and music business icon in Nashville and even in the late 60's and early 70's was well know in music circles. This single event led to fantastic opportunities as a pianist.

After playing for several artists, Tommy got a job at the world famous Palomino Club in North Hollywood, CA. Nearly every famous artist worked the Palomino at one time or another in the 70's. This opened doors to playing sessions around LA.

At the height of success, Tommy was overtaken by a series of bad life choices. Back at the bottom, Tommy found himself living once again with his parents and penniless. Never the quitter, Tommy started crawling back up and landed a job writing for a jingle studio. This is where Tommy met his wife, Keri, who was a gospel singer with the Senators, the Downing's and did backup sessions. With his life cleaned up and back on track, Tommy began writing musicals and doing youth ministry.

Another gift handed down by Tommy's father was the love for Hot Rods. Preaching didn't pay the bills so the elder Ring worked on cars and welded. Tommy caught the gift early and always had a project car going from high school on. This gift payed off in 2012 with an offer to write for Rat Rod Magazine, an internationally known magazine. Two years later, he made a Hot Rod video now known nationwide and in nine countries. Tommy has had several opportunities to work in TV, Music and now also with the Hot Rod world. He has also been featured in several magazines and is represented by Campbell Entertainment Group in Nashville, Tennessee.